Présentations personnalisé par webinaire ( en anglais )

These live and interactive distance-based presentations can bring a fresh yet experienced and credible perspective to your planning session, training, workshop, conference or other meeting, without blowing your budget. Our customized, live and interactive distance-based presentations typically cover one or more of the program planning stages, best practices and/or tools of change described on this website, illustrated using case studies from the website. We usually review related theory and guidance, view best-practice examples, and then ask participants to apply the learning to their own situations and programs.

Each workshop or talk is customized to meet your needs.

Instructor: Jay Kassirer MBA CMRPJay has been delivering these distance-based presentations for over a decade.  View credentials

Participants will be able to ask follow-up questions at no additional charge, for up to three months after the webinars, to help them apply what they have learned and to reinforce and ensure proper use of the techniques. They will also have access to a video-recording of the presentation during this period. In addition, they will have free access to the ongoing support tools on this website, which use the same framework and terminology as the presentation.

Our talks and workshops complement and use the same conceptual framework found on this website, the Turning Point / CDCynergy materials, and the community-based social marketing books and workshops by Dr. Doug McKenzie Mohr. However, no prior social marketing knowledge or experience is required.

For further information about our customized webinar-based presentations, or to book one, call (800) 262-0934 or e-mail