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Seventeen New & Revised Case Studies; Many New Resources - November 05, 2018

We've been working on seven new Landmark case studies that were  designated in the past two years by peer selection:

We've added eight additional case studies:

We've also recently updated Shower Feedback in Swizerland  and Playa Vista Ability2Change with full materials, including handouts. 

Five Minute Slide Show Videos - December 07, 2017

Missed the webinar? Got five minutes? We have a video for you. We are testing out how useful it is to produce short You Tube videos. Each video will summarize one Landmark case study in under five minutes ... short enough to show to others at Board, Council and other planning meetings.

The first two videos cover King County in Motion and Get Energized Iowa!, both designated in 2015. While these first two videos are based entirely on the slide shows delivered during the webinars, future videos will focus more on live video. Based on the reception to and use of these videos, we will decide if we will produce more.