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This section of the site provides quick access to case studies and helpful on-line social marketing resources for fostering nutrition-related behaviours. We welcome suggestions for additional case studies and resources

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Most Recent Nutrition Case Studies

Montreal Dietary Dispensary  Health

This award-winning program was established to help disadvantaged women give birth to babies of healthy weight, by providing nutritional counselling and support to expectant mothers at risk.

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Fork It Over!  EnvironmentHealth

Fork it Over! is a peer-to-peer initiative that helps food businesses in Portland Oregon to donate surplus prepared, perishable foods that have not been served, by showing that it is safe, simple and the right thing to do. It recruits food businesses to make written, public commitments to donate food regularly, reinforces and publicizes those commitments, and prompts action at the moment when donations are available. It also leverages partnership support from key industry leaders and associations to reinforce the social and cultural value of food donation, and provides regular reinforcement for participating through free advertising.

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Growing Healthy Kids  EnvironmentHealth

This well-documented obesity prevention program pilot for low-income families in Carrboro NC (USA) featured three main components. Weekly work sessions in a community garden provided gardening instruction and practice opportunities and a familiarity with the vegetables. A seven-week workshop series covered cooking and nutrition. Social activities and events built and maintained interest in the garden and fostered interaction between garden members. By the end of their participation in the program, 17% (n=6, p<0.004) of obese or overweight children had improved their BMI classification and 100% of the children with a BMI classification of normal had maintained that BMI classification.

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Cage-Free Campus  EnvironmentHealth

In 2005, The Humane Society of the United States (the HSUS) hatched a plan to replace conventionally produced eggs served on college campuses with cage-free alternatives, by appealing to students’ interest in social issues and addressing administrators’ practical concerns. Now led by The Humane League (THL) in the United States and by other organizations internationally, the campaign has resulted in millions of eggs now sourced from cage-free rather than “factory farming” facilities. A step-by-step playbook showing how to achieve campus-wide support and engage dining service managers guides student leaders implementing the campaign at their schools.

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Most Recent Nutrition Resources

Guide to Community Preventive Services  Health

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CDC Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity  Health

Includes social marketing case studies related nutrition, physical activity and obesity; and a segmentation of U.S. adults by attitudes and behaviors (using the five energy balance segments developed from Porter Novelli's ConsumerStyles© and HealthStyles© survey databases)

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Menu Labeling: Does Providing Nutrition Information at the Point of Purchase Affect Consumer Behavior?  Health

Dramatic increases in the consumption of away-from-home meals over the past 40 years have prompted growing interest in menu labeling, the practice of providing information on calories, fat, sodium and other selected nutrients in menu items at points of purchase, as a strategy to reduce obesity and diet-related chronic disease. This research synthesis reviews studies that have examined the use of menu labeling in away-from-home food establishments, such as restaurants and cafeterias, and the potential impact of labeling on consumers food and beverage selections.

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Healthy Living Social Marketing Inititative: A Review of the Evidence  Health

Answers the questions: what in people's  behaviours place them at risk of unhealthy weight gain, what drives their current behaviours, how might they be motivated to change, who might be able to influence them and what might act as barriers to change


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Communications Initiative  EnvironmentHealth

An online space for sharing the experiences of, and building bridges between, the people and organizations engaged in or supporting communication as a fundamental strategy for economic and social development and change

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International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity  Health

Contains open access research articles focusing on the behavioural features of diet and physical activity

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Obesity Prevention Coordinators' Social Marketing Guidebook  Health

Contains instructions, tools and worksheets specific to nutrition, physical activity and obesity. Developed by the Florida Prevention Research Center at the University of South Florida.

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Marketing Public Programs  EnvironmentHealthSafety

Contains numerous brief program descriptions and links related to a range of topics including: children, drinking, drugs, environment (air, conservation, energy, waste, water), food, health (baby, blood and organ donation, disease, fitness, HIV & AIDS, medications and vaccines, mental health, pregnancy, prevention, sex, smoking, sunscreen) and safety (auto, crime, fires, guns, home, infants, recreation, seat belts, violence)

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Spare Change  Health

This blog covers living (physical activity, fitness), AIDS, nutrition, obesity and tobacco.

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Cases in Public Health Communication and marketing  Health

This free, open access journal publishes case studies in public health communication and marketing. They publish peer-reviewed, commissioned and sponsored cases that have the potential to teach and improve the practice of public health. Each case describes a public health program - or some aspect of a public health program - that is based at least in part on communication or marketing methods.

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Program Impact Attribution  EnvironmentHealthSafety

This document provides a brief summary of options for assessing what portion of any measured behavior changes resulted from your program and what portion resulted from other influences. These options can also be used to attribute the affects of your program on a wide range of related variables such as resources used, pollutants released, accident rates and health status.

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A free, searchable online registry of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of public health and health promotion interventions. The content has been quality rated. Bilingual (English and French).

Topics include: AIDS, environmental health, fitness, injury prevention, nutrition, safety, cycling, walking, water quality

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CDC Public Health Image Library  EnvironmentHealth

Provides photographs, illustrations and multimedia files, with image collections for environmental health, natural disasters, anatomy, biological sciences, heart health, nutrition, chemicals and drugs, diseases (including AIDS) and organisms.

Most of the images in the collection are in the public domain and are thus free of any copyright restrictions.

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Media / Materials Clearinghouse  EnvironmentHealthSafety

An international clearinghouse for those with an interest in health communication materials: pamphlets, posters, audiotapes, videos, training materials, job aids, electronic media and other media/materials designed to promote public health.

Materials are available for a wide range of heath issues including: AIDS (and also condom use, HIV and safer sex), asthma, automobiles, diet, fitness, nutrition (also child nutrition and infant nutrition), physical abuse, psychological abuse and sexual harassment (bullying), tobacco use, traffic safety, transportation, waste management, water (quality, storage, supply, treatment) and wildlife

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Research-Tested Intervention Programs  Health

RTIPs is a searchable database of cancer control interventions and program materials and is designed to provide program planners and public health practitioners easy and immediate access to research-tested materials.

Topics include specific cancers, diet / nutrition, obesity, physical activity, sun safety and tobacco

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