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Fort Collins Efficiency Works (Neighborhoods).

In a pilot from the fall of 2015 to the fall of 2016, Fort Collins Utilities tested a new hybrid model of comprehensive home performance (HP) contracting to increase participation and energy savings. It offered a streamlined, turn-key service for homeowner that overcame key barriers to participation such as lack of time to select and meet with contractors, too many complex technical scope of work decisions, homeowner distrust of contractor proposals, and concerns about paying for improvements. The campaign also used a propensity model to target the neighborhoods with the highest potential for saving, and then direct mail marketing to neighborhoods with the highest propensity to participate. The pilot doubled enrollment rates, converted 44% of energy efficiency assessments to upgrades, and doubled average project energy savings. In 2017, this pilot received the American Public Power Association Energy Innovator award. This case study was designated in 2017 and is currently under development.


The average deemed savings per home that had a project was 750 kWh of electricity plus 300 Therms of natural gas (equivalent to 8793 kWh), for a total savings of 9,543 kWh / year / household. 

This represented a 70% increase in natural gas savings and a 50% increase in electricity savings per home, compared with the utility’s standard home energy program (EW-Homes).

There were 64 homes participating in the pilot. At 9,543 kWh per family that amounts to 610,752 kWh.

Compared with the utility’s usual home energy conservation program, the pilot

  • Enrolled twice as many participants (with 44% of those who received the home visit purchasing a package)
  • Increased Therm savings per home by 70% and kWh saving per home by 50%

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