Workbook Acknowledgements

We are grateful to the many people who helped with the preparation of the original workbook. First of all, Lily Weinstock, and Evy and Abby Kassirer supported to this work on a daily basis over a long period. David Shackleton's solid friendship and his assistance in writing, editing and laying out early drafts helped us to get through a number of key stages. Sandra Mark helped conceive the project and kept it grounded in the day-to-day realities of grassroots community work. Drew Blackwell provided advice and inspiration and helped organize the multi-stakeholder planning sessions. Jim Robar, Wendy Walker, Keith Collins, Kathy Killinger, Pat Dolan, Carla Doucet, and Elizabeth Crocker showed early confidence in the project and supported the work to help make the book a reality. Sue Ann Rothwell of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) provided, on behalf of the Federal Government, thoughtful guidance and ensured that our efforts could remain focused on the work at hand. And thanks to Edwina Smith and the others at Allium Consulting Group Inc. who did the final editing, design and layout.

Ron Levi of Emdash Communications, Kelly Kilpatrick of Viridis Environmental, Irena Mandaric and Wendy Walker helped with researching and writing the case studies in the workbook. Sue McKenzie-Mohr helped at various stages from preliminary research to final editing. Many community organizations served as case studies and participated in our research. The following, in particular, helped us refine the content, by organizing the first five workshops based on the workbook:

  • The Clean Nova Scotia Foundation
  • The Greater Vancouver Regional District
  • The Recycling Council of Alberta
  • The Recycling Council of Ontario
  • The Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton

Many individuals reviewed drafts of the Workbook and provided valuable suggestions for improvement:

  • Lisa Alderson (Greater Vancouver Regional District)
  • Ben Bennett (Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators)
  • Mike Birett (Regional Municipality of Waterloo)
  • Janet Connor (Health Canada)
  • Barbara Czech (Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment)
  • Carla Doucet (National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy)
  • Dave Douglas (Town of Markham)
  • Phil Jensen (Region of Hamilton-Wentworth)
  • Marianne Lines (Great Lakes Pollution Prevention Centre)
  • Debra McAdam (Fraser Basin Management Board)
  • Clifford Maynes (Green Communities Association)
  • Dave McLeod (Peterborough Green-Up)
  • Mike Nickerson (Canadian Environment Network)
  • Mary Pickering (Green$aver)
  • Nola Kate Seymoar (International Institute for Sustainable Development)
  • Virginia Swinson (City of Peterborough)
  • Kevin Wylie (Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton)