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  • Washington Department of Health
  • C+C

Participating students were:

  • 39% more likely to ask permission before touching another student
  • 18% more likely to ask permission before taking another student’s photo
  • 32-46% more in agreement with social norms about respecting other’s feelings and physical and personal boundaries
  • 20% more in agreement that they think about whether their behavior ill make others uncomfortable

It’s About Respect - Reducing Sexual Violence in Washington

It’s about Respect is a program to prevent sexual violence among middle school students. This case study reports on the program’s initial pilot at one school, compared with a control school.


Note: To minimize site maintenance costs, all case studies on this site are written in the past tense, even if they are ongoing as is the case with this particular program.

At the time of this pilot program, gender-based sexual violence had come to the forefront as a result of the #MeToo movement empowering victims to come forward and report perpetrators. While this effort shone a spotlight on an important issue, it largely focused on helping victims only after the fact. Seeing a critical need, Washington State Department of Health