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Ali Clabburn

Landmark Case Study

Liftshare and Mobilityways, U.K.

Liftshare is a social enterprise that has worked with over 700 of the UK’s largest employers to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicle trips using carsharing, active transportation and public transit when commuting for work.. With an online community of over 1 million members, it is estimated that Liftshare members have avoided the release of 300 million kg / 300,000 tonnes of commuter carbon emissions (averaging 50 million kg / 50,000 tonnes per year). In 2020, Liftshare launched Mobilityways, a sister platform that enables employers to evidence, track, plan and change their commuter emissions via a set of tools / modules that work seamlessly together.

This case study is currently being edited before being posted. 


Tools of Change Landmark Case Study Badge


 It was designated as a Landmark case study by our climate change peer review panel in 2023. Members of the 2023 panel included:

  • Amjad Abdulaziz Alghamdi, George Mason University Department of Communication
  • Madelaine Lemaire and Britta Ng, City of Coquitlam
  • Doug McKenzie-Mohr, consultant
  • Susan Schneider, consultant
  • Brooke Tully, consultant

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