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Provides resources on home and recreational safety, motor vehicle safety, violence prevention, traumatic brain injury and injury response


The Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) is an interactive, online database that provides fatal and nonfatal injury data from a variety of sources. Researchers, practitioners, the media, and the public can use WISQARS data to learn more about the public health and economic burden of injury in the United States. Users can search, sort, and view the injury data and create reports, charts, maps, and slides. Users can filter by various attributes such as age, sex, race/ethnicity and date. For transportation-relation injuries one can also filter for mode of transport of the person injured. Users can also filter for various types of assaults and injuries.

The Cost of Injury Reports module provides cost estimates for injury deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits where the patient was treated and released. It allows users to create reports of: medical costs (e.g., treatment and rehabilitation), work loss costs (e.g., lost wages, fringe benefits, and self-reported household services), and combined costs (medical plus work loss) based on a number of variables including: intent and mechanism (cause) of injury, body region and diagnosis of injury, geographic location (for deaths only), sex, and age. .

See also “CDC Division of Violence Prevention.”


Topics: Safety, Bullying and violence prevention, Crime prevention, Road safety, Occupational health & safety
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, consumer research
Publisher: US Centre for Disease Control
Date Last Updated: 2021-07-17 10:07:22

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