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URL: http://www.m-mc.org/

An international clearinghouse for those with an interest in health communication materials: pamphlets, posters, audiotapes, videos, training materials, job aids, electronic media and other media/materials designed to promote public health.

Materials are available for a wide range of heath issues including: AIDS (and also condom use, HIV and safer sex), asthma, automobiles, diet, fitness, nutrition (also child nutrition and infant nutrition), physical abuse, psychological abuse and sexual harassment (bullying), tobacco use, traffic safety, transportation, waste management, water (quality, storage, supply, treatment) and wildlife

Topics: Environment:, Sustainable transportation, Waste:, Water efficiency, Health Promotion, AIDS and STBBIs, Nutrition, Safety, Bullying and violence prevention, Road safety, Tobacco
Resource Type: promotional materials
Date Last Updated: 2019-04-24 02:07:02

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