Centre for Climate Change Communications

URL: http://www.climatechangecommunication.org

The Centre's Climate Change in the American Mind program tracks and provides ongoing reports on public understanding of climate change and support for climate policies. Also works with specific intermediaries to influence public dialogue on climate change (e.g. weathercasters, health professionals, and the EcoRight.) Based at George Mason University.


Effective Advocacy and Communication Strategies at the Intersection of Climate Change and Health (2023): http://www.climatechangecommunication.org/all/effective-advocacy-communication-intersection-climate-change-and-health/

Topics: Environment:, Climate change mitigation, Energy efficiency, Health Promotion, Environmental health, Climate change adaptation
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, training and toolkits, consumer research
Publisher: George Mason University
Date Last Updated: 2024-01-14 13:41:24

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