Getting Practical: Integrating Social Norms into Social and Behavior Change Programs

URL: https://www.comminit.com/health/content/getting-practical-integrating-social-norms-social-and-behavior-change-programs

Getting Practical uses examples from family planning and reproductive health to illustrate how to integrate social norms into your program.


This step-by-step guide is written for people in the field of social and behaviour change who know how important social norms are but who may be unsure of how what they know about social norms should change their strategies, audiences, and messages. Specifically, it was designed to help country-level programme planners, designers, and monitoring/research staff to be aware of, fortify, or shift norms that influence their programme's behavioural objectives and to monitor the effects of those programmes on social norms. Getting Practical uses examples from family planning and reproductive health, but any behavior change programme can use this tool. Includes English and French versions of an 84 page guidebook and a deck of 97 PowerPoint slides.

Topics: Health Promotion, AIDS and STBBIs
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, training and toolkits
Publisher: Breakthrough ACTION and the Learning Collaborative to Advance Normative Change
Date Last Updated: 2022-05-18 12:55:21

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