Long-Run Savings and Cost-Effectiveness of Home Energy Report Programs

URL: http://www.cadmusgroup.com/papers-reports/long-run-savings-cost-effectiveness-home-energy-report-programs/

This 2014 white paper addresses three primary questions about electricity savings from longer-running Home Energy Report programs and savings after the end of treatment.


The three questions addressed are:

  1. How do HER programs perform over time, and how does the program design (e.g., frequency of report delivery) affect savings?
  2. What happens to savings when the program administrator stops sending HERs? In particular, do savings decay and, if so, how quickly? What effects result from continuing to send HERs?
  3. How does the persistence or decay of HER savings after treatment ends affect program savings, measure-life calculations, and cost-effectiveness?

Authors: M. Sami Khawaja, Ph.D. James Stewart, Ph.D.

Topics: Environment:, Energy efficiency
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: Cadmus
Date Last Updated: 2021-08-28 12:14:49

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