National Menu of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Stormwater-Public Education

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Because stormwater runoff is generated from dispersed land surface - pavements, yards, driveways, and roofs - efforts to control stormwater pollution must consider individual, household, and public behaviors and activities that can generate pollution from these surfaces.These common individual behaviors have the potential to generate stormwater pollution:

  • littering
  • disposing of trash and recyclables
  • disposing of pet-waste
  • applying lawn-chemicals
  • washing cars
  • changing motor-oil on impervious driveways
  • household behaviors like disposing leftover paint and household chemicals

It takes individual behavior change and proper practices to control such pollution. Therefore it is important to make the public sufficiently aware and concerned about the significance of their behavior for stormwater pollution, through information and education, that they change improper behaviors.

Topics: Environment:, Sustainable landscaping, Water efficiency, Sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation
Location: US
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Date Last Updated: 2021-07-18 09:44:22

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