Insights from Smart Meters: Ramp-Up, Dependability, and Short-Term Persistence of Savings from Home Energy Reports

URL: http://www4.eere.energy.gov/seeaction/publication/insights-smart-meters-ramp-dependability-and-short-term-persistence-savings-home-energy

This 2015 analysis presents easily available data to determine the ramp-up, dependability and short-term persistence of savings in Home Energy Reports (HERs).


This report, the third in a series of reports on smart meters, presents smart meter data to analyze the ramp-up, dependability, and short-term persistence of savings in Home Energy Reports (HERs) - one type of a behavior-based energy efficiency program.

The analysis presented uses easily available data to determine the ramp-up and dependability of HER program savings over the short-term (day-to-day), which can help utilities, program planners, system planners, regulators, and policymakers improve:

  • HER program design and reduce deployment costs by optimizing report frequency
  • Short-term demand and overall energy forecasts so that daily savings can be predicted with a reasonable degree of accuracy, resulting in more effective hedging strategies for fuel and purchased power procurement
  • HER cost-effectiveness by more accurately predicting program benefits.
Topics: Environment:, Energy efficiency
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date Last Updated: 2021-07-21 10:06:02

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