Evolution of Bikesharing

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Since this 2017 report, bicycle-sharing schemes (BSSs) have been experiencing a major breakthrough in cities at a global scale. Of the estimated 1,600 schemes in operation in 2017, approximately 95 percent were launched since 2007, with more than 200 in 2017 alone. Recent technological transformations and innovations are dramatically reshaping our cities and increasing their options to introduce and manage bike-sharing services as a new mode of transport. The rapid evolution of technological advancements in BSSs, such as dockless bike-sharing schemes, electric bicycles, and increased private sector involvement, are prompting cities to ensure that legislation and regulations are in place to adequately safeguard the efficiency and safety of this mobility option.

Topics: Environment:, Sustainable transportation, Health Promotion, Active living
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: World Resources Institute
Date Last Updated: 2024-01-14 13:55:01

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