Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

URL: http://www.pedbikeinfo.org

This site is a clearinghouse for information on active transportation resources and programs (including tools, training and outreach) and research. It incorporates a family of three additional sites, namely the PBIC Image Library (www.pedbikeimages.org) with a searchable collection of over 3,000 categorized images, and walkinginfo.org (www.walkinginfo.org) and bicyclinginfo.org (www.bicyclinginfo.org) with comprehensive news, information, tools and resources on walking and cycling.

Topics: Sustainable transportation, Health Promotion, Active living, Heart health
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, training and toolkits, promotional materials
Publisher: Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center within the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
Date Last Updated: 2019-04-24 02:00:23

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