Gun Policy Analysis

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Rand Corporation reviewed thousands of studies to identify all available evidence for the effects of 13 gun policies in the USA on eight outcomes. Updated regularly.


The primary focus of our analysis was the systematic review of 13 broad classes of gun policies that have been implemented in some states and the effects of those policies on eight outcomes. We produced research syntheses that describe the quality and findings of the best available scientific evidence. Each synthesis presents and rates the available evidence and describes what conclusions, if any, can be drawn about the policy's effects on outcomes. In many cases, we were unable to identify any research that met our inclusion criteria (which required a study to provide minimally persuasive evidence for a policy's effects). Overall, we found statistically significant evidence that seven of the 13 policies affect four of the main outcomes. For the remaining policies from our analysis, either the policies had inconclusive effects on outcomes or no research about the policies met our inclusion criteria. This does not mean that these policies are ineffective; they might well be quite effective. Instead, it partly reflects shortcomings in the contributions that scientific study can currently offer to policy debates in these areas. For six of the 13 policies, either we found no studies examining the effects on any of the outcomes we considered or the evidence was inconclusive. However, we found some evidence that seven policies affect one or more of four of the outcomes, as shown below. For example, evidence shows that background checks may decrease (brown lines) suicide rates and that concealed-carry laws may increase (teal lines) violent crime.

Topics: Safety, Bullying and violence prevention, Crime prevention
Location: US
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: Rand Corporation
Date Last Updated: 2022-10-30 16:43:56

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