Behaviour Change Techniques in Cardiovascular Disease Smartphone Apps to Improve Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour: Systematic Review and Meta-Regression

URL: http://ijbnpa.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12966-022-01319-8

This systematic review compares the efficacy of various behaviour change techniques used in smartphone app interventions for improving physical activity and sedentary behaviour in people with cardiovascular disease. 


The review searched six databases (Medline, CINAHL Plus, Cochrane Library, SCOPUS, Sports Discus, EMBASE) from 2007 to October 2020. Forty behavior change techniques were identified across the 19 included app-based interventions. The techniques that had larger positive associations with increasing physical activity focused on the practical skills of behavior change and belonged to the 'goals and planning', 'feedback and monitoring', 'repetition and substitution' and 'social support' categories. Negative impacts were found when monitoring behavioural outcomes and physiological responses not directly related to physical activity (e.g. blood pressure), which may have shifted participants' attention away from the desired behaviors themselves.

Topics: Health Promotion, Active living, Heart health
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: BMC - Springer Nature
Date Last Updated: 2023-03-14 15:56:12

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