Communication Strategies at the Intersection of Climate Change and Health

URL: http://www.climatechangecommunication.org/all/effective-advocacy-communication-intersection-climate-change-and-health/

This 2023 literature review summarizes why and how to best communicate the impacts of climate change to the general public, health professionals, and public officials.


The review included 182 English-language studies and 13 non-English-language studies.

Some of the conclusions of the review were that:

  • Almost all research to-date has been carried out in the Global North
  • "Providing information about the health relevance of climate change holds significant promise for increasing public engagement with the issue and building greater support for climate solutions"
  • "Health-framed messaging can be particularly valuable in increasing support for climate action across the political spectrum, including among those who tend to be less concerned about climate change."
  • This health frame is generally more effective when portrayed as a global-scale issue that is affecting people now, and when focused on the benefits of taking action,  That said, the report notes that "In addition, climate and health messages that first evoke fear and then follow up with hope-inspiring content may also strengthen people's intentions to engage in climate advocacy."
  • "Highlighting the health benefits of taking action (i.e., a gain frame) appears to be even more effective than highlighting the health risks of climate change (i.e., a loss frame) -although both are helpful, as is highlighting the social norm that most people are concerned about climate change. Solutions-focused messages may also help build climate policy support, mobilize people to engage in advocacy, and activate positive, motivating emotions, like hope. In addition, climate and health messages that first evoke fear and then follow up with hope-inspiring
  • Health professionals are trusted voices to deliver this information
  • Many health professionals would welcome this and related climate advocacy roles
Topics: Environment:, Climate change mitigation, Health Promotion, Environmental health
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, promotional materials
Publisher: George Mason University Center for Climate Chanage Communictions
Date Last Updated: 2023-12-28 10:52:44

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