U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommends Behavioral Interventions for Pediatric Weight Loss

URL: http://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/uspstf/draft-recommendation/high-body-mass-index-children-adolescents-interventions

In December 2023, the US Preventive Services Task Force issued a Draft Recommendation Statement that clinicians provide or refer children and adolescents aged 6 years or older with a high body mass index (BMI above the 95th percentile for age and sex) to comprehensive, intensive (26 or more contact hours) behavioral interventions.


Fifty randomized, controlled trials (N=8,798) examined behavioral interventions for pediatric weight loss. These trials were conducted in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Turkey. About half were conducted in primary care settings.

Pooled analyses demonstrated a statistically significant increase in global quality of life after 6 to 12 months. Studies with at least 26 contact hours showed an overall improvement of 3.8 percentage points. They also reduced BMI, blood pressure, and fasting (but not systolic) blood pressure significantly.

None of the trials found adverse effects from the behavioral interventions.


Topics: Health Promotion, Active living, Heart health, Nutrition
Resource Type: strategies and interventions
Publisher: U.S. Preventive Services
Date Last Updated: 2023-12-28 14:42:25

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