Health Communication Unit, University of Toronto

URL: http://www.thcu.ca
Summary: Free social marketing instructional videos; literature reviews on nutrition, active living, fitness, obesity, tobacco, bullying / workplace harassment
  • Free instructional videos cover: setting priorities; comparing goals and objectives; types of objectives; identifying your audience; strategic planning; relationship between planning types; and inputs, outputs and outcomes.
  • Literature reviews on a wide range of topics including: nutrition, active living, fitness, obesity, tobacco, bullying / workplace harassment, Also includes channels such as physicians, parents, teachers, workplaces, media
  • OHPP tool guides you through part or all of THCUs 6-step planning process and helps you make evidence-informed planning decisions
  • Provides access not only to on-line program planning and evaluation resources developed by THCU, but also to recommended on-line resources developed by others.
Topics: Active living, Nutrition, Bullying and violence prevention, Tobacco
Location: Canada-Ontario
Resource Type: strategies and interventions, training and toolkits, consumer research
Publisher: University of Toronto
Date Last Updated: 2019-04-24 02:05:18

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