Social Marketing Downunder

l'adresse URL: www.socialmarketing.co.nz

Includes sections on: introduction to social marketing, research, case studies, professional development. Covers a range of topics including: physical activity, alcohol, domestic violence, tobacco, and workplace health and safety.

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The aim of this website is to increase the quality and effectiveness of social marketing in NZ, Australia and the Pacific by providing easy access to social marketing information; facilitating networking among NZ, Australian and Pacific social marketers; and providing a place where NZ, Australian and Pacific social marketing documents can be published and easily accessed.

Sujets: Health Promotion, Active living, Safety, Bullying and violence prevention, Crime prevention, Occupational health & safety
Catégorie: strategies and interventions
Éditeur: N.Z. Health Sponsorship Council
Mis à jour: 2019-04-24 02:08:25

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